Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is a part of European Union and is a very dynamic & modern country with a young population. It is an emerging country, which is now spreading wings. The land of castles, also a popular destination for students from all over the world. Ireland is a small independent nation situated on the West Coast of Europe.

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Irish qualifications are recognized for excellence worldwide. Qualifications earned and connections made in Ireland deliver a passport to success.

Long Tradition in Education Excellence

Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. In the Middle Ages, Ireland held the position of one of the principal education providers to the western world.

A friendly Safe Environment

And it is not just us saying it! Ireland was voted by Lonely Planet as the world’s friendliest country in 2008 and 2010 and was ranked 11th in the 2011 Global Peace Index. Ireland’s hospitable nature coupled with an unrivalled sense of fun ensures living in Ireland is an unforgettable experience.

Extensive Choice of Courses

Students can choose from an extensive range of programmes to meet their needs in highly respected business schools, centres of scientific and technology excellence as well as renowned language, humanities and arts faculties.

Leading Global Companies in Ireland

Companies who require a skilled, educated and highly capable workforce to drive their success choose to locate in Ireland. Ireland has welcomed Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Apple, Intel to name just a few – all of whom chose Ireland as their European base.

Entrepreneurial Society

Ireland is at heart an entrepreneurial nation and to the fore in Europe in both the rate of early stage entrepreneurial activity (7.6%) and in the rate of established entrepreneurs (9%) among the adult population.

English Speaking Country

Although Ireland have its own distinctive Celtic language and culture, English is the spoken language in Ireland today. The Irish use it so effectively that it has been said that better English is spoken in Ireland than anywhere else in the world

Documents Required

  • Must be submitted all original documents.
  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the intended date of departure from Ireland.
  • 3 recently taken passport size photographs.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the college, confirming you have been accepted and enrolled on a course of full-time education, involving a minimum of 15 hours organized daytime tuition each week.
  • This letter should specify the course you will be studying.
  • It should also confirm the amount of fees payable for your course, and that this amount has been paid.

Important Notes

  • Where the course fees are less than €6,000, fees must be paid in full to the college, prior to applying for your visa.
  • Where the course fees are in excess of €6,000, you must pay at least this amount prior to applying for your visa.
  • If the college has taken out medical insurance on your behalf, details of this must be contained in this letter of acceptance.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds of support for the duration of stay (e.g. statement of earnings, bank statement, traveler’s checks etc.)
  • You must provide evidence that you have attained the necessary level of academic achievement required to follow your chosen course.
  • All educational certificates
  • If employed, employment documentation will be needed or if still in school, letter from school releasing you from studies.
  • Proof of accommodation if possible
  • Letter from your family offering financial support if available
  • Letter from college confirming payment of course fees & if applicable accommodation charges.
  • Completed Visa Application form
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate.

Application Procedure

Intakes for study in Ireland

The main intake offered by all colleges & universities in Ireland is September & few universities in Ireland offer February intake also.

English Language Requirements

Good academics level back ground is required for study in Ireland. Minimum first class & English medium instructions are required. If you are not proficient in English, some universities in Ireland insist on a score either from TOEFL or IELTS.

IELTS: A minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS is required from Bangladeshi students who wish to apply for a student visa for Ireland.

TOEFL: A minimum score of 173 in TOEFL is required from Bangladeshi students who wish to apply for a student visa for Ireland.

Academic Requirement

Level of Studies Requirements
Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificate GPA 3.5 – 4.0 in HSC
Bachelors Degree GPA 4.0 – 5.0 in HSC
Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma Higher Second Class in Bachelors Degree (3 or 4 years)
Masters degree First Class in Bachelors Degree (4 years only)

Important  Informations

Cost of Study in Ireland

Courses Average fees
Medical courses 29,000 – 42,000 euro
Engineering 9,100 – 20,300 euro
Science & Technology 9,100 – 20,300 euro
Business Related 9,100 – 16,500 euro
Art & Humanities 9,100 – 15,500 euro
Masters level cost app 9,100 – 12,000 euros

Additionally accommodation, living expenses, book & other miscellaneous expenditure would come around 6,000-8,000 euros.

A small number of scholarships for international students to study in Ireland are available from the universities & colleges themselves.

Visa Application Fees

VFS HANDLING CHARGE INR 764 per application.

The correct fee must be paid by Bank Draft made payable to “EMBASSY OF IRELAND” when you submit your documents for processing.
NOTE: If you are applying for a long stay visa to Ireland (Study, Employment, Dependent) you should apply for a single entry visa. When you arrive in Ireland you must then register with the Immigration Authorities and can then apply for a Multi Journey Re-Entry Visa.